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How to ask for a REVIEW

How to

ask for a


Reminder Cards

Printed review invites, require no staff training or email collection. Tangible take-home reminder, gets more customers reviewing.

Email Invites

They work. Series of three emails of ever increasing urgency, provides those who intended to review but never did, an easy way to do it.

Text Messages

Permission based text invitation provides link to your mobile-ready landing page. High response rate and fast results.

Self Register Tablet

You want easy? Just hand your customer a tablet where they can sign themselves up for an email or text invitation on your custom branded sign up page.

Sign Up Form

If your business uses some type of sign in process, simply incorporate email or mobile phone number collection and upload them later from your forms.

Bulk Upload

You can also easily upload customers in bulk for email invites, text invites, or both utilizing an Excel spreadsheet. We even provide a template.